Saturday, 14 August 2010

My Garden is Extremely Green (Literally)

I am a vagabond at present, part of the hidden homeless, kind of. So far this year I have had four separate homes: in sequence, of course.  

Fortunately, these places have had beautiful gardens, of various styles, which has been a comfort........

My current garden is a bit run-down, shabby even, but is very green and peaceful, and in its way, also beautiful.

Completely walled, it is (sadly) innocent of cats, but correspondingly full of birds and birdsong, including, especially delightful, a tame robin.

And for one so small, it has a vista.

And an embowered compost box

Sporting today a single spray of white flowers, the only one in the entire garden.

It has several interesting nooks and crannies

Sadly there is no veggie patch, and no tomatoes, but there are some peaches ripening by the kitchen window, which add a very subtle touch of colour.

All in all, I really am very lucky to be here.  

Other gardens I have known this year

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