Monday, 6 September 2010

A Journey to the Crime Section.

Tony Blair: war criminal, carpetbagger and pariah.

Spend a few subversive minutes in any bookshop moving his tiresome memoire to the crime section, where it belongs.

Better yet: to the criminology or criminal psychology sections as well, if they have them.

You'll feel quite a lot better, and be joining a growing movement.

I like the collage effect of this group of linked titles in Waterstones, Piccadilly.  Unfortunately a book called "Mass Murder" was not in stock.

Further mischief, this time more hastily executed

So, the smirking little rat chickened out of the 8th. September book signing at Waterstones in Piccadilly AND his "secret" drinkies with a few "friends" at the Tate Modern, because of the threat of more demonstrations.  

Kudos to the demonstrators in Dublin for drawing a line in the sand.

Shame on the Tate, prostituting itself yet again (remember the BP party?)

It's good that he's been intimidated by these demonstrations, but I would love to have seen him hit by a shoe.  Particularly fitting.

Facebook Page:  Subversively Move Blair's Book Into the Crime Section

Facebook Page:  Kate O'Sullivan is a Legend (citizen arrest in Dublin)

Citizen's Arrest:  Find out how to conduct a citizen's arrest of Blair, and claim your prize

Let him know we don't want him at any price.

And this is a lovely poem.  Well done Julia Brosnan.

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