Monday, 2 May 2011

Sunshine and Shade in the Weald of Kent.

A lovely walk today with the Dog Jed, in the rolling Weald of Kent, with its twelve feet of topsoil.

Across the fields

And into the woods ....

Jed is far, far ahead

But there is plenty to catch the eye

The red, white and blue, original form.

And so, back to the garden gate ...

What could be better?  Not much.

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  1. Hi Sarah, Back in the US I have caught up with the blogs I missed. LOVELY and insightful - loved the one about the book sculptures. I am struck by the vast difference between the open veld of Africa - that I fixated on as I drove through part of Gauteng for the airport and back to the US - and the English spring you portray in your photos. Open, and brown, and flat, with clumps of bushes and trees, with the ability to look over vast distances as if a film has been removed from one's eyes, allowing them to seek far, far horizons. I enjoy the photos of lush of England and my current views of the Montclair spring, but I long for the open veld of Africa.