Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Leadership and Otto Scharmer

Thanksgiving weekend in north America, Eidh-al-Adha world-wide, but business as usual in Europe, and I have been in the incredibly beautiful baroque city of Turin, co-facilitating a workshop ethics and accountability in leadership.

The Po River at Turin by Funchye

We are based in one of the most exciting and imaginative learning spaces I have ever been in, the Leadership Centre for the Italian UniCredit Group -  Unimanagement.  So lovely, and such great staff.

Scuola Unimanagement Torino 2008

And I am totally pleased to report that we ran into an anti-Berlusconi rally in the Piazza della Castella on Sunday, and were able to participate enthusiastically.  The total antithesis of ethics and accountability.

Meanwhile at the workshop we have an amazing line-up of leadership gurus and practitioners - John Adair, the world's first ever professor of leadership studies, and still going strong, Otto Scharmer of MIT, Barbara Kellerman of Harvard, The Italian Army's Mountain Brigade, Maestro Kristjan Jarvi of the Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro Regio, the amazing Radikha Coomaraswamy and Thoraya Obaid of the United Nations, Hans Van Sponeck former Humanitarian Coordinator for the Oil for Food Programme in Iraq, Steve McCurry, Pullitzer Prize-winning photographer, Chef Federico Colvi, who is leading an evening of "gastro-leadership", or competitive team cooking, Payam Akhavan, international human rights lawyer and Klaus Leisinger of the Novartis Foundation, among others.

Excited is not the word. It's totally cosmic.

Here is a video of Otto Scharmer describing his theory of leadership, presencing, co-creating  and "igniting a field of inspired connections".   Learning from the future as it emerges.  If you can, go thousands of miles to to see Otto Scharmer speak: its worth it.

Also check out his website on moving to capitalism 3.0.  Interesting.

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