Friday, 20 November 2009

What can we do about Berlusconi-think?

This is about living in a decent society, which is the subtext of this little blog, and the whole point really.

Here is the deeply awful Berlusconi doing what he does best:-

And here is my first instinct about what should happen to his wretched little line and tackle

The Magnificent Eagle Owl Grab

Too good for him really

Just kidding ......

Or am I?  Seriously,  this jerk represents majority opinion about women and girls.

Most men have their Id under better control than Berlusconi, but millions don't.  We need absolute prevention of this nonsense, because the logical conclusion of tolerating harassment is rape and violence against women.

And for that we need accountability.  The social and political equivalent of the Eagle Owl Grab is progressive law, actively enforced.  And for that we need a well-informed public.

Some very wonderful and principled people are working to change the whole mind-set.

And here's one man's moving journey away from bystander-ness on the question of male violence, developing the courage to step towards what he really cares about, away from his socialisation.

And here is a good explanation of the social pressures behind the mind-set.  The extraordinary view of masculinity, male sexuality and male violence that we pretty-much all grow up with.

There are many organizations actively working on these themes;

In South Africa the Sonke Gender Justice Network have a "One Man Can" campaign, and have also taken Julius Malema, General Secretary of the ANC Youth League to the Equality Court for his sexist and homophobic language.

MenEngagea global alliance of NGOs and UN agencies that seeks to engage boys and men to achieve gender equality.  It includes Sonke, Promundo, The White Ribbon Campaign and many others.

While Silence Speaks and The Center for Digital Storytelling are getting the word out digitally - the incredible importance of "listening deeply"to each other.

And there are loads of others.

But the main thing is to get rid of disgusting role models like the astonishingly teflon-coated Mr. Sylvio Berlusconi.  Sadly I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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