Friday, 23 April 2010

Kiss Goodbye to Sky TV

In view of current interest in Murdoch and his hellish empire, I am re-publishing an old post from way back in November.  Cutting loose seems like a pretty darn good idea right now.

But even more than your monthly subscription, gratifying as it may be to close that out, try not to vote for any party in which his grubby fingers are dabbling, or at least challenge your candidates on what he's up to with their party.

This is mainly for the limeys, although others may appreciate the sentiment.

Don't give any more of your precious money to that jackanape Rupert Murdoch, who has plenty to be getting on with, and gives such shocking service for the monthly payments he takes off us (so easy to open an account, so hard to close it).

Plus, in my humble opinion, Sky News, along with bed-mate Fox TV, is exceptionally economical with the truth.  And I would actually say, informally, strictly from my own observation, that this is an understatement, to say the least.  But it would take a Mori-poll to check that out, and I bet he could even get round that!

Now, I know I'm showing my age here (see "how not to act old" in my blog list), but I only watch the Freebox channels, and these are not only better (except for the crap), they are free.  All the other channels are pretty much full of trivia, sit-coms and general mental rubbish and pollution, in my jaded view (except for the Simpsons, and the Dog Whisperer), and why the hell pay for  crap if you don't have to?  You may well ask.

What would I miss?   The news channels of course, especially Al Jazeera, which is truly fabulous.  But there is plenty of news on the The Freebox Channels, and on the internet now, so that's sorted.

The only thing I really will miss is recording, and speeding through the ads.  Come to think of it, recording is getting to be absolutely essential in the battle against consumerism, but like  the makers of IEDs  they are jumping ahead of us technologically, with all this product placement ....

Actually, it feels like the dark ages now not to be able to record, and giving that up goes right up against my principle of forging ahead on all fronts technologically.  But if it gets me out of the clutches of Skye TV, seems like a pretty decent compromise.

Especially as I can check out freecycle to see if I can pick up a digital recorder.

But even if I were to miss a few channels, the real thing is that I am getting really pissed off that any of my precious boodle, for which I have struggled mightily in this tough world,  should go anywhere near that dark force and his hellspawn, helping them do the damage that they do to our hard-fought and much threatened freedom of speech and information every single effing day.  I won't miss that feeling.

Earlier today I googled  "television" with "I feel Lucky", and what did I get?   You guessed it, Sky TV home page.  Don't waste your time.  Its freaking everywhere.


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