Monday, 14 February 2011

Better than Red Roses

This is the first winter in which I have lived in this very nice house with its lovely, very green garden, upon which I have written before.  

Today, mild and pleasant, I walked with kitchen scraps to the compost heap, and saw all around, sprung up over the past few rainy days, hundreds, literally hundreds, of bulbs.  They have been planted around the pear trees, under the hedges and all along the base of the lovely old brick walls that surround the whole.  

They don't look very spectacular at present, being just green spikes in the bare earth, but they will.

And these snowdrops already look pretty spectacular, in their way, under the beech hedge.  And there is the promise of celandines, hyacinth, daffodils and, best of all, bluebells.

Way better than red roses on Valentine's Day, way better.  (Which is just as well ...... )

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