Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Six of the Best, and a few more for fun

Not all of my favourite posts feature in the Most Visited section on the right (although several do - you could check that out too)

So here are six more that I really like, and a few more for fun.

Political (in the broadest sense)

Alexander McQueen: Why I, A Feminist, Will Miss Him
Did his critique of the the fashion industry have a feminist tinge? It certainly looks like it, but hard to be certain.....

A Poem for 9/11 by Emmanuel Ortiz
Read with care.  The rage is incandescent (and righteous).

Bringing Berlusconi Low
Wrong pecker, Sr Tartaglia, but thanks anyway!


A Magic Summer Evening Long Ago and A Moment of Truth (which go together)
Father and Daughter.  Sometimes thirty seconds can last a lifetime

Five Things I Like about Newport Beach (and three things not so much)
Life in the OC is really something else

Newport Beach California, from 2200 feet as de...Newport Beach from the Air  Image via Wikipedia

It's True!  I met Rihanna....
It really is true, and the laugh's on me.


The Trees of Orange County
Short photo essay

Jim Jarmusch: Nothing is Original, Steal from Anywhere.
Lovely quote by a lovely guy.

My Garden is Extremely Green (literally)
Another photo essay.

And the Funnest of all

The Needy Blogger.
And which among us doesn't need links?

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