Friday, 6 November 2009


Isn't this lovely?

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It was created to portray the love between two people from different cultures, and what a respectful image it is, reflecting also the deep beauty of our wonderful world, north and south.

For me it also symbolises the inherent connections between cultures and peoples that I was striving to strengthen through my work in the UN, although of course the unresolved contradictions of corruption, over-consumption and warmongering are overwhelming all the good efforts, without as yet a sufficiently strong fight-back (see "What Leonard Cohen Means to Me").

But putting that aside, this was and is the dream, actually fantasy, that I tried/try to realise through my work, and it also symbolises the reconciliation of all the dualities in my life, including being cash poor but resource rich.  This is such a positive and balanced image to keep front and central as we reflect on what really matters.

Thanks for a brilliant piece of work Visulogik: Connected Version 2

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