Saturday, 7 November 2009

How pumped am I about 2.0

I am so totally loving Web 2.0.

On 1st October I wrote an e-mail to my dear friend Paula to ask her what she knows about Adsense  - I need to diversify, see, - and she's a bit of a techie.

I never sent it: I thought damn, why should I bother her? I should just do what I want to learn, like the gurus say.

What I found was this brilliant little course on Learning 2.0.  Perfect for beginners.  I havn't finished it yet, but five weeks later I'm blogging and tweeting like crazy and loving it.  And this is only the beginning!  I'm totally pumped.   Thanks to the Universe for lifelong learning.  :))

The Last Rose of Summer (should I read anything into that?), by spisaram-AWAY

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  1. Sarah, you're leading the way on this one! Your dear 'techie' friend is grateful and happy to hear more about what you're learning!