Sunday, 8 November 2009

Can't Wait to See what Jonny's Got

Well, I'm pleased to report that my new exercise programme is going rather well, or so I thought.

Health, you will remember, is part of my financial cruise control strategy (see archive).  So, taking my own advice, I walked into town, saving both my purse and the planet, and bought myself (yet) another pedometer, calibrated it, and have had two good long walks since, up hill and down dale.  Two miles yesterday, 2.3 today, setting up the trend.  I am now feeling rather well, and ready for lunch.

But somewhat daunted to see what Tom is getting up to over at The Longest Climb (and nice digs Tom).  Can't wait to see what Jonny's got, and a bit more of what Tom's got.

And here's their Facebook page too.  Good luck lads.

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