Friday, 6 November 2009

What Leonard Cohen Means to Me.

I believe in total democracy (one of the reasons I love the internet, although the battle there is far from over), but we're not there yet (despite what they are telling us) and its really hard!

And Leonard Cohen totally describes what the story is, on every social and economic front, what it costs, and the ugly, ugly battles that are necessary: he is very clear that despite all this, its absolutely what we have to go for.

If you havn't already heard "Democracy", pretty much the greatest work in all Leonard Cohen's magnificent  oeuvre, click on over to to my YouTube channel, and catch up with it right NOW.

What is there not to love about Leonard Cohen? Quite apart from his strange voice and aged cuteness, he's brilliant, and he totally gets the simplicity and complexity of real connections among equal people, and the hideous squalor and corruption of authoritarian controls that we have to struggle through to get there.  He totally gets how little struggles can lead to huge change, but not always, and nothing is easy and nothing stays the same.

So what is to be done?

Well, as the great man says, I'm as "stubborn as those garbage bags that time cannot destroy, I'm junk (not really) but I'm still holding up my little wild bouquet" that  that Democracy is coming to the USA (and UK).  So perhaps together, with collaboration, solidarity and social media, we can help to limit the multiple, intersecting, overwhelming corruptions of power that are otherwise in our present and our future..

And perhaps, maybe, just possibly, "the lights in the Land of Plenty can shine on the truth some day".

And don't leave without watching/listening to this one last video.  I mean, really, what's not to love?

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