Friday, 6 November 2009

Kiss goodbye to Sky TV

This is mainly for the limeys, although others may appreciate the sentiment.

Don't give any more of your precious money to that jackanape Rupert Murdoch, who has plenty to be getting on with, and gives such shocking service for the monthly payments he takes off us (so easy to open an account, so hard to close it).

Plus, in my humble opinion, Sky News, along with bed-mate Fox TV, is exceptionally economical with the truth.

Now, I know I'm showing my age here (see "how not to act old" in my blog list), but I only watch the terrestrial channels, and these are not only better, they are free.  All the other channels are pretty much full of trivia, sit-coms and general mental rubbish and pollution, in my jaded view (except for the Simpsons, and the Dog Whisperer), so why pay for them?  You may well ask.

What would I miss?   The news channels of course, especially Al Jazeera, which is truly fabulous.  But there is plenty of news on the terrestrial channels, and on the internet now, so that's sorted.

The only thing I really will miss is recording, and speeding through the ads.  It feels like the dark ages now not to be able to record, and giving that up goes right up against my principle of forging ahead on all fronts technologically.  But I think its a reasonable compromise if it gets me out of the clutches of Skye TV.

Especially as I can check out freecycle to see if I can pick up a digital recorder.

Earlier today I googled  "television" with "I feel Lucky", and what did I get?   You guessed it, Sky TV home page.  Don't waste your time.  Its freaking everywhere.


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  1. Dear SL - having said adios to ALL TV about 4 years ago (still do DVDs though) I can't say I miss it. News is probably top of the miss list, but when I do catch up with it in hotels, it is usually so crap that I feel vindicated after 10 minutes or so. I do waste more time on the internet though. So - chuck out the lot I say and go rent a DVD of your favourite movie. C